Our Wedding Party

Wedding Party (A)

Joseph Berkowitz Joseph and Phillip are brothers separated by only 13 months. With the age difference so small, Joseph is one of the closest people in Phillip’s life. Although Joseph lives in New York and Phillip lives in Washington DC, they still find time to visit each other a few times a year for fun as well as family events. This year they are training together for the New York City Marathon.

Wedding Party (B)

Ryan Faircloth Phillip met Ryan early at their time at the University of Central Florida. They mostly bonded through long hours of study groups, all-nighters trying to finish senior design project and inter-mural sports. After Undergrad they continued on to the same graduate program at UCF and suffered together trying to complete a thesis in computer vision. Still friendly today and in related fields, they still collaborate and help each other on projects at their respective jobs.

Wedding Party (C)

Michelle Saffan Lauren met Michelle on the first day of law school at the University of Maryland and they became fast friends. Lauren lived with her parents in the suburbs during law school, and Michelle was kind enough to allow her to stay over often. Lauren and Michelle frequently studied together, went to the gym together, cooked together, and attended law school happy hours together. They clerked together in Towson, and email each other daily.

Wedding Party (D)

Dustin Keiser Phillip met Dustin senior year of high school through mutual friends. They both went to school in Winter Park, FL but to different schools. They soon became best friends after high school was behind them and were roommates shortly there after. Dustin and Phillip stayed friendly throughout their time at the University of Central Florida studying and going to many football games together. Dustin and Phillip remain close friends despite Texas being so far away, and Dustin even gave Phillip the grand NASA tour when he visited Houston.

Wedding Party (E)

Josh Caplan Lauren met Josh in bar review class. They became fast friends and studied for many hours together in the library. Following law school, the two have participated in Jewish leadership and social events together. The two share an interest in Orioles and Ravens and regularly cheer for their teams together.

Wedding Party (F)

Deborah Biswas Lauren met Deborah a few days prior to the start of law school and the two endured the very expensive experience of purchasing law school books together. The two spent time together throughout law school eating lunch together often. The two still eat lunch together often, as they both work at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Deborah and Lauren, along with Deborah’s husband, Toby and Phillip all share a love of craft beers and get along splendidly. Both boys also do not mind eating the cakes and cookies that Deborah and Lauren decorate in cake decorating class.

Wedding Party (G)

Andy Chosak Andy and Phillip met at Object Video where they worked together. They became fast friends and have in common endurance training and music festivals. They have trained together for triathlons and marathons. Phillip and Andy often eat lunch together on Fridays and trade computer knowledge.

Wedding Party (H)

Laura and Caroline Egerman Laura is Lauren’s first cousin. Lauren looked up to Laura growing up wanting braces and a car just like Laura had! Although Lauren regretted envying Laura’s braces once she finally got hers, Lauren did enjoy attending law school as cousin Laura did. Lauren visited Laura, Josh, and Caroline several times in their Massachusetts home, and looks forward to a visit to their new home in New Jersey.

Wedding Party (I)

Amee Cookler Lauren and Amee met a few years ago and became fast friends and eventually roommates. While they were both single the two attended many happy hours together and discussed their various dates. The two both wound up dating men that lived in Washington, DC. The couples went on many double dates together, and Lauren and Phillip tore up the dance floor at Amee and Kevin’s May 2010 wedding.

Wedding Party (J)

JR Halasz Phillip met JR in high school. Since then, they have remained close friends, moving to Connecticut together for a while, then ending up back in Orlando. These days even with JR living in Chicago and Orlando, they are still able to get together on business trips and vacations.

Wedding Party (K)

Stacy Crain Stacy is Lauren’s first cousin. The two spent nearly every Sunday evening together at their grandparents’ house and carpooling to Hebrew School. They used to play softball and wall ball in their grandparents’ backyard.

Wedding Party (L)

Jill Rombro Lauren and Jill met many years ago at Camp Holiday. The two were reunited in law school. Jill and Lauren carpooled to bar review together. They enjoy getting their nails done together, going to the pool, and to Pazo.

Wedding Party (J)

Damon Dicharry Damon and Phillip met in middle school with their families living in the same neighborhood. Damon is close friends with Phillip's brother as well. They were all close throughout middle school, high school, and college. With in the last couple of years, Damon moved to Virginia for grad school and since then, have been able to get together more frequently.

Wedding Party (K)


Wedding Party (L)

Lauren Breitenother Lauren met Lauren as a Lower School student at McDonogh School and also in Hebrew School. The two rode on the bus together and went to the beach together. Lauren and Lauren experienced one of their first unchaperoned road trips together (it took them over six hours to get to Pittsburgh, but they had fun). Lauren and Lauren continue to be close and work together at the United States Food and Drug Administration.